Dynaudio announces updated Emit series


Dynaudio, the well known Danish speaker manufacturer, has given its award-winning Emit series of passive speakers a refresh.

The Emit series is – the manufacturer writes in its press release – “the entry point to Dynaudio’s high-end universe. Developed to deliver remarkable performance in its price range – so that many no longer have to wonder what their first step into audiophile hi-fi will be.

The series consists of two stand-mounted monitor models (Emit 10 and Emit 20), two floorstanders (Emit 30 and Emit 50) and a center speaker (Emit 25C). All of these were designed, engineered, tuned and optimized at Dynaudio’s own Labs in Denmark. The highly advanced Jupiter measurement facility – a huge measurement structure – played a key role in their development’.

Trickle down technology

“The beauty of working on a speaker like the Emit is that we can use all the ‘trickle down’ technology that we have developed for our very best speakers. The same men and women work on all the products, so we know exactly how to get that level of performance to the people taking their first steps into the true high-end hi-fi world,” said Daniel Edmonds, Dynaudio’s Chief Acoustic Specialist.

Cerotar tweeter

The press release continues: ‘All Emit speakers use the Cerotar tweeter from the renowned Evoke series, which in turn is based on the formidable Esotar Forty tweeter in Dynaudio’s Special Forty anniversary speaker. The specially developed AirFlow magnet in the Cerotar tweeters is made of ceramic strontium carbonate ferrite+, and the 28mm voice coil is wound of aluminum wire – a typical Dynaudio feature also found in the legendary Esotar 3 tweeter’.


The advanced airflow optimization in the space behind the soft-dome membrane made of coated fabric is designed to counteract unwanted resonances. The ingenious internal Hexis dome controls the airflow. This, according to the manufacturer, gives a more even frequency response, with cleaner and more pleasant high frequencies.

High-end speakers

The mid/bass speakers, midrange speakers and woofers are all based on the drivers in the Evoke series. Their cones are made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) – a material developed by Dynaudio itself, which they say “delivers just the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping, for incredible accuracy. They are glued directly to the voice coil assembly with copper-plated aluminum wire, for even better control over their movement’.

Dual Magnet Systems

Dual magnet systems of ferrite-ceramic provide the driving force. The use of more magnets, Dynaudio’s engineers say, gives them ‘better control over the movement and deflection of the cone, which results in greater sonic precision. Lower frequency dynamics are improved, while maintaining fantastic midrange reproduction’.

Custom crossover design

The crossover filters in the Emit’s have a hybrid design, using different combinations of first-, second- and fourth-order topologies. Why? ‘Because a universal approach simply wouldn’t deliver the level of performance that Dynaudio’s engineers wanted to achieve. By giving each speaker in the series its own combination of crossover designs, they achieved a sonic consistency within the series that is essential for multi-channel systems, while allowing the performance of each speaker to be optimally tailored to the task at hand,’ the Danes write.

The latest details

All Emit speakers feature a new bass reflex port with double-sided spout, which has been optimized to reduce turbulence. This reduces the unwanted ‘puffing’ that occurs mainly at the lowest tones. Dynaudio: “This attention to detail is also reflected in the internal damping material, which has been accurately weighed to the gram for the best combination of attenuation and transparency. The cabinets are made from 18-millimeter thick MDF and offer a choice of three finishes with beautiful, specially crafted laminates: Black, White and Walnut. All speakers come with a black, magnetically attached front’. The new Dynaudio Emit family will be available for sale worldwide starting June 24. Prices

  • Emit 10: € 729 per pair
  • Emit 20: €950 per pair
  • Emit 30: €1.500 per pair
  • Emit 50: € 2.000 per pair
  • Emit 25C: € 680 per pair

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