KECES Audio IQRP-1500 Ultimate Power Conditioner


KECES presents the Audio IQRP-1500 Ultimate Power Conditioner, a device designed to provide the cleanest possible mains power at the output.

It may be assumed that the once so beautiful sinusoidal mains voltage of the past is nowadays quite polluted. We owe this, among other things, to the many switching power supplies in use. Many of them are cheap and do not take filtering very seriously. The result is loads of HF disturbances that are superimposed on the 50 Hz mains.

KECES, through their new Audio IQRP-1500 Ultimate Power Conditioner, offers you the opportunity to give things a good wash before the mains voltage reaches your hi-fi equipment. To do this, they employ the nice sounding Quantum Resonance Technology (QRT), which is also used by the likes of Nordost.


Furthermore, KECES has modified the ‘Isolated Power Transformer’ and provided it with a separate branch circuit. Two output groups (zones) are available. Zone I offers 220 – 250V at maximum 1.25A or 110V – 125V at maximum 2.5A (300VA) and Zone II 220 – 250V at maximum 5A or 110 – 125V at maximum 10A (1200VA).

You pay for this ‘mains filter’ (which is an understatement) an amount of the around €2000. At the time of writing, the device is not yet available on the KECES website, but we did see it at an American supplier.

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