Q Acoustics Q Active 400 columns

Q Acoustics

As the name of the new Q Acoustics Q Active 400 probably suggests, this is an active speaker in column format.

The Q Aucoustics Q Active 400 (scroll down a bit) has the same BMR driver configuration as its more compact counterpart Q Active 200. However, in the new version eight discreetly built amplifiers have been incorporated, which in total put out a maximum power of 440 Watts.

Furthermore, the 400 is built in a larger cabinet and two rear-facing 4.5-inch subwoofers are added. One at the top and one at the bottom to be exact. According to the manufacturer, this arrangement should neutralize the standing waves created in the cabinet, preventing unwanted resonances.

Waiting for Alexa?

The Q Active 400 from Q Acoustics is available immediately for a price of €2999. You can choose the matte white or a matte black finish. If you are very much in need of a smart assistant in the listening room, then you should wait a little longer before purchasing. A Q Active ‘Works with Alexa’ model is reportedly due later this year. And then you can also ask your speakers anything that comes to mind.

In doing so, of course, giving away some of your privacy, but few people seem to be very concerned about that. No need for such a digital interrogator? Then you can now make your move with the 400.

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