QuietOn 3: sleep in silence thanks to ANC


Finland’s QuietOn uses ANC in QuietOn 3 purely for ANC, so you can sleep in silence (or push the fanatical chattering of neighbors to the background while working, for example).

The QuietOn 3 in-ear is made purely to block out ambient noise. It does not allow you to play music. This leads to a number of advantages over its more musical counterparts.

First, they work for 28 hours on a full charge, which is much more than a regular Bluetooth in-ear. On top of that, a ‘charging pouch’ is included, which makes the whole thing ideal for globetrotters, as it allows you to enjoy silence for up to 112 hours without an outlet.


Furthermore, no music-optimized drivers are used in the QuietOn 3. And that leads to perhaps the biggest advantage: the caps are much smaller than normal Bluetooth in-ears. Which makes it possible to wear them while sleeping without any problems. Sounds such as aircraft noise, train noise and snoring are effectively suppressed, according to the manufacturer. So if you wake up easily in the middle of the night, these things might be the solution for you. They cost €199, to be ordered directly from the product page.

Good night to you!

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