Record Store Day 2021 is steadily approaching

Record Store Day

Record Store Day, because of Corona, is again divided over two days. The first day is already June 12 (next Saturday!), so save your piggy bank.

Record Store Day, which was blown over from abroad, has slowly become a concept in our country. It’s the day (or days) you can buy special albums, or a nice piece of hardware at a reduced price. Because even in this digital age where you download albums and tracks in hi-res quality or just stream them, there are still people who want to hold something tangible in their hands. That could be a CD or LP.

It’s that group of people who keep “the corner record store” alive. Of course, the question is how long there will still be a generation willing to take the trouble to buy music in a physical store. For the time being, however, there is a need for this and Record Store Day tries to give the suppliers of the desired musical goods an extra boost.


As is the case every year, there are some nice things planned. As you can see on the site that accompanies the event, the focus is mainly on vinyl. In short: a dream for the hipster who wants to experience how his grandfather used to play his music. Including a trip to the record store.

Listening, talking with fellow enjoyers. Yes… that sort of thing.

Record Store Day is, on the one hand, a dive into the past and, on the other hand, a great deal of modern and unique music. As promised, this year’s event is also multi-day. Make a note of June 12 and July 17 in your diary if you want to buy music on a round disc!

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