Ruark Beach Hut Blue Radio for on the go


Ruark has released – in a rather limited edition – the Beach Hut Blue Radio, perfect for the summer days!

In fact, Ruark’s ‘newcomer’ is a limited edition R1 MK4 in a special color. Inside the Beach Hut Blue Radio you will find, among other things, a class AB power amplifier. An adaptive equalizer and NS+ driver should provide a nice sound. According to the manufacturer, the bright OLED display shows everything you need to know during use.

Extra detail: the brightness of this display adapts to the amount of ambient light.


On the reception side, Ruark has chosen both an analog and digital radio, so you can actually use it all over the world. Enthusiasts can also use the Beach Hut Blue Radio as a Bluetooth speaker, just a matter of pairing something like your smartphone and listening.

No Bluetooth source at hand? Don’t worry: the time-honored line input is also available and if you don’t want to disturb others during your radio sessions, you can plug in headphones if desired.

Operation is via the RotoDial rotary knob, optionally a compact remote control is available. Fortunately, it is indeed optional, because these things always get lost, especially with mobile use. Charging is via the universal USB-C connection.

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