Amazon Echo also gets support for Siri and Google


Amazon’s smart speakers will soon get multiple smart personalities through an update; Siri and Google Assistant will be added.

Although Alexa is quite likable in terms of smart assistant and associated knowledge, there are also Apple’s Siri and of course Google Assistant. And since three assistants know more than one, it’s good news that Amazon Echo smart speakers will soon be able to use both of the latter. Extra good news for Apple users in the Netherlands even. Because Apple’s own smart speaker is not available in that region, via the Amazon Echo you can still get to work with Siri.


Apart from the upgrade to multiple assistants, there is perhaps an even more important addition in the pipeline. Through the Matter project – a collaboration of just about all the big names in home automation – every smart device in the house should be able to communicate via the speaker using the familiar voice assistants. In fact, the upgrade to Matter and the addition of the extra smart assistants are inextricably linked, because one of the “requirements” of Matter is that it is compatible with all the major voice assistants. And there are quite a few more updates in the pipeline.

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