Apple Music lossless and spatial to Android


Apple is bringing spacious sound and lossless audio to the Apple Music app for Android. You need version 3.6 for it, so update if you haven’t already.

In June, owners of an Apple device received lossless streamed tracks, and some of the music collection in Apple Music as spatial sounding. By now, some 20 million lossless songs are available to listen to through the streaming service. By the end of the year, the complete catalog of 75 million songs should be available. Apart from the “traditional” devices such as iPhone and iPad, lossless streaming will also be available on the HomePod smart speakers, Apple has promised.

Serious competitor

For now, at least, Android owners who use Apple Music as a streaming service can also enjoy better sound. It is striking that the separately sold tracks (past and present) in iTunes are still only available in AAC quality. Would they ever be offered as lossless again? Would be nice, because paid is there anyway you would say. Anyway, the streaming service Apple Music is increasingly becoming a formidable competitor to other music services such as Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz. With a bit of luck, a price war will arise one day, although it seems that there is a kind of tacit status quo regarding pricing between the various providers.

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