Definitive Technology introduces new subs – Descend series

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology’s latest 8 and 12-inch subwoofers feature the latest technology and enclosure for deeper, more powerful bass.

Definitive Technology has announced the Descend series of subwoofers,

“The new line consists of two high-performance models with bass response that is more powerful, dynamic and expansive than comparable competing models. The Descend series features a new technology from Definitive Technology called 3XR Architecture. This technology incorporates a dual radiator and provides three times the surface area for bass than a subwoofer with traditional ports. The 3XR Architecture delivers deeper bass and higher output levels from a smaller form factor thanks to the unique design of the two radiators with the same size as the subwoofer. Because this proprietary design does not rely on traditional bass ports, Descend Series subwoofers do not experience chuffing and distortion like ported models. Each model also features special amplification for unprecedented bass response compared to similarly sized subwoofers. Both models can be easily integrated into any system and are available in stylish enclosures finished in Midnight Black (DN8 & DN12) or Glacier White (DN8)’.

Descend DN12

The Definitive Technology Descend DN12 is a high-performance 12-inch subwoofer, ‘specifically designed for leading-edge music systems and home theater applications. It is equipped with a special Definitive Technology 1500-Watt Class H amplifier with slide rails. It can effortlessly handle both transient peaks and super-low bass up to 25Hz. ‘For smooth and accurate reproduction of the deepest and heaviest bass sound, the 3XR design features special drivers and dual radiators of the same size,’ the manufacturer reveals.

360-degree phase adjustment

In addition, the DN12 features Intelligent Phase Control. This proprietary, innovative technology enables 360-degree phase adjustment. For better phase matching, most subwoofers offer polarity switching between zero and 180 degrees or an all-pass filter that can cause contamination. With Intelligent Phase Control, however, listeners can further adjust the phase of their subwoofer thanks to the combination of polarity switching with higher granularity and an all-pass filter. In addition, the phase adjustment is automatically tuned to the low-pass filter to more accurately support the entire audio system.


The DN12 uses an advanced 56-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to improve bass response and overall sound quality and control the subwoofer system to prevent potentially damaging distortion at extremely high volumes. The DN12 features three built-in EQ modes (Flat, Deep and Loud), suitable for any room or personal listening preferences. Definitive Technology: ‘The default “Flat Mode” is a perfect starting point for level adjustment and system calibration and sounds good with most applications. “Loud Mode” offers listeners the most output and lends itself to big action movies and cinematic sound effects. “Deep Mode” has the lowest possible frequency output and can be used for music playback, especially music pieces with a wide dynamic range’.

Remote Control

The DN12 comes with a thin remote control and integrated LED display on the front. This allows users to adjust the volume level, phase and EQ from the comfort of their armchair. This model also features a 12V trigger and IR pass-through for integration with popular control systems. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the listener benefits from optimal functionality and special adjustments from anywhere in the room.

Descend DN8

The Definitive Technology Descend DN8 is, in the manufacturer’s words, “a high-performance 8-inch subwoofer with unprecedented output and detail from music and home theater sound tracks. The DN8 features a 500-Watt Class D amplifier combined with dedicated drivers and the same 3XR dual radiator design as the 12-inch model. The visceral bass sound makes the heart beat faster while the detail and musicality captivate even the biggest enthusiast. To ensure that the DN8 is matched to the rest of the system and the acoustics of the room, it features integrated controls to adjust the output level, low-pass filter and phase (0/180°). The DN8 delivers impressive bass from a small, unobtrusive square form factor of just over 30 cm’. The Descend series will be available starting in August through and authorized Definitive Technology dealers. The DN12 will cost you €999 and the DN8 €499.

About Definitive Technology

Developed under the motto, “What Obsession Sounds Like,” Definitive Technology’s speakers, according to the brand, “meet the highest quality standards for unparalleled, blood-curdling listening experiences. In addition to speakers, the company is also a leading provider of soundbars, subwoofers, outdoor audio solutions, and architectural and ceiling and wall speakers. All of Definitive Technology’s products, regardless of application, are known for distinctive sound with a big, immersive soundfield, ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal-clear treble and powerful bass. That’s why Definitive Technology has been loved by music fans and home theater enthusiasts since 1990′. Definitive Technology is part of the Sound United family of consumer electronics brands. Audio/video retailers in over forty countries successfully carry Definitive Technology’s speakers in their product line. For more information about Definitive Technology, please visit

About Sound United

Sound United was founded in 2012 with, according to the company, “a simple goal in mind: to add value to the world of sound. Today, we are one of the world’s largest audio companies and represent several renowned audio brands: Bowers & Wilkins™, Denon®, Marantz®, Polk Audio, Classé, Definitive Technology, HEOS and Boston Acoustics®. Each brand has its own philosophy and unique approach to bringing home entertainment to life. Together, the brands have centuries of experience, and Sound United is responsible for the design and manufacture of a wide range of high-quality audio products, including speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, wireless speakers, amplifiers, turntables and headphones. We deliver unique and unforgettable listening experiences for diverse consumers in more than 130 countries’.

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