Humax Aura PVR now with Apple TV


The Humax Aura gets Apple TV via a firmware update, which means more streaming and viewing.

Firmware updates often work wonders, as they do with the Humax Aura. This is a PVR and set-top-box that is especially popular in the UK. But the thing is also for sale through Amazon, so it is possible that the Aura can be found elsewhere. Either way, the Android-based streamer, DVB-T2 receiver, PVR and more has Apple TV at its disposal after implementing the latest firmware update. You could already watch Amazon Prime Video with it, among other things. The only (currently) – conspicuously – missing streaming service is Netflix.

User interface and upscaling

For the rest, the new update for the Humax Aura brings improvements to the user interface and upscaling. There are also more tweaks for sound and image synchronization available, always useful. In short: if you have a Humax Aura, it is wise to quickly install the new firmware update (to version 9.21 to be exact).

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