JCAT presents the INITIO 3 linear power supply


JCAT’s INITIO 3 is a linear power supply with dual output and a – for this class – very reasonable price tag!

From Poland and other Eastern European countries origins some damn fine high-end stuff. In itself not a very new phenomenon, but new is that the brands are slowly becoming known in our region. And often fully justified, because there is still a lot of hardware knowledge in Poland and elsewhere, especially in the field of analog electronics.

And that is where this JCAT INITIO 3 comes in. It is a fully linear power supply (not a switching one), which should provide a very clean output voltage. The INITIO 3 is based on the flagship OPTIMO 3 DUO.

Output voltage and connector of choice

You can choose from a JCAT INITIO 3 with an output voltage of 5 or 12 Volts, can be specified when ordering. The transformer is magnetically and electrically shielded and encapsulated in epoxy resin. According to the manufacturer, only high quality electronic components are used and you get one shielded audio grade power cable included. A sturdy steel case guarantees a solid unit with low mechanical resonance.

The JCAT INITIO 3 costs €750 which is very affordable for a power supply in this class. Should you wish, another type of power connector can be built in at no extra cost. Various protection mechanisms should guarantee years of carefree operation.

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