LG achieves 4K at 120 Hz via firmware update


Gamers have been waiting for a while: 4K/120 Hz for their Xbox. LG is offering a firmware upgrade for several televisions that will make that possible.

Through a firmware update, LG realizes compatibility with Xbox Series X game consoles for a selection of televisions. To be more precise: with the output of 4K/120 Hz combined with Dolby Vision. Which should lead to butter-smooth animations and eye-poppingly fast actions.

Whether the feature makes sense for very many other more regular viewing actions is somewhat questionable. Movies and live broadcasts mostly make do with the more regular 60 frames per second. But perhaps that is going to change as well, all these kinds of techniques obviously lead to ever larger amounts of data that must be sent in the same time frame.

In any case, LG was quick to emphasize its image as a gaming manufacturer once again. You can read more about the firmware update and which models are supported in the manufacturer’s press release.

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