Louis Vuitton presents separately designed speaker

Louis Vuitton

You have to love it: a Louis Vuitton wireless speaker. It comes in the form of a UFO with glowing LEDs and is made of steel, glass and leather.

There’s no arguing about taste and so we’re not going to. But if you have some money to spare and like more “poshy” stuff in the house, then the new Louis Vuitton Horizon is a nice option. This UFO-shaped wireless speaker features a built-in battery that is good for up to 15 hours of playtime when fully charged. Thanks to Apple AirPlay 2 support, a multiroom configuration is possible. A bass driver and two tweeters should provide 360-degree surround sound, according to the manufacturer. The frequency range is from 60 Hz to 16 kHz and the built-in amplifier provides a maximum power of 2 x 30 watts.


Naturally, the Louis Vuitton logo is prominently displayed on the surface of the UFO, so everyone knows where the thing comes from. And should you miss it for a moment, the brand name illuminating on the side will remind you in more dimly lit environments.

Charging is via a USB-C cable, and you get a stand included to place the speaker neatly aligned horizontally if desired. Also included are a leather carrying strap and a matching carrying case. In short: a complete set with an appearance that can certainly be called special. You have to pay € 2450 for it.

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