‘Netflix launches game streaming’


It’s not just streaming video and audio that’s hot, streaming games is becoming big business too. So, Netflix is going to join the scene.

Besides music and movies, games also lend themselves well to streaming. And here too, of course, it is a very interesting option for game manufacturers. Copying games is now a thing of the past. You are also no longer dependent on a particular type of game console or computer: a game works just as well in streamed form on a tablet or smartphone as on the most recent PlayStation.

With today’s broadband connections and various tricks to combat lag, streamed gaming seems to have as much of a future as any other form of streaming. Of course, there will be a portion of gamers who find it less successful. But that will probably be a minority. Netflix sees that too, and as we read in this article from What Hifi, they are working hard behind the scenes to get a piece of that business too.

No extra costs

Meanwhile, Netflix has hired a vice president for game development, which is of course very telling. The intention seems to be to offer streamed games via the streaming service within the span of a year. Extra interesting detail: access to the games should not cost anything extra for Netflix subscribers. And that could turn out to be very sour for providers of streamed games alone. Interesting times ahead!

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