Nothing ‘ear (1)’ with active noise cancellation


Today Nothing ‘Ear (1)’ introduces wireless earbuds “with iconic transparent design and premium user experience. Includes charging case that gives you a total of 34+ hours of listening.

With over 34 hours of playback time with the charging case, a powerful 11.6mm driver and industry-leading specifications including Active Noise Cancellation, Nothing ear delivers a very interesting in-ear for just $99. “Nothing ear is a breath of fresh air in a cluttered and indifferent market, setting the tone for our future connected digital world,” said Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing. “The product combines advanced technology, precise engineering and groundbreaking design at an incredible price.”

Iconic Design

In the words of the manufacturer, “Design like you’ve never seen it before: the raw beauty of ear’s design is characterized by transparency that exposes the engineering, including microphones, magnets and circuit board. Everything has a purpose – from the instantly recognizable red color signal for “right” to the playful fish-eye holes of the wireless charging case that the earbuds fit into.

Not only does it look distinctive, ear is also designed for advanced comfort. Each earbud weighs just 4.7 g and offers pressure-relieving vents, an ergonomic fit and three customizable silicone earbuds’.

Pure sound

Pure sound starts with a large driver, according to Nothing: ‘of 11.6 mm to be exact. The audiophiles at Teenage Engineering have carefully tuned the software and hardware for balanced bass, midrange and treble performance. Behind the scenes, the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity ensures that you never miss a beat’.

State-of-the-art noise cancellation

The Active Noise Cancellation in ear uses three high-definition microphones to render music, movies and podcasts ‘razor sharp’. Use Light mode for moderate noise cancellation and Maximum mode for noisy environments like on a plane or in the office. When you’re ready to let the world back in, activate Transparency mode. For loud and clear conversations, there’s Clear Voice Technology designed specifically for ear to suppress distracting background noise, such as wind.

Raw power

‘Ear (1)’ possesses a lot of power, with over 5.7 hours of listening time and over 34 hours with the charging case. The compact power source provides ultra fast charging – 10 minutes of charging in the case equals up to 8 hours of power for an entire day. Nothing Ear charges wirelessly and is compatible with all Qi chargers.

Additional features include Find My Earbud, EQ, Active Noise Cancellation and Gesture Control customization via the ear app, as well as In-ear Detection and quick pairing. ‘The earbuds are also resistant to sweat and splashing water,’ the manufacturer reveals.

Nothing ear will be available on July 31, 2021 from 3pm through a limited drop on Open sales begin on August 17, 2021 in 45 countries and regions, including the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and more.

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