PS audio presents Bach’s Suites

PS Audio

Zuill Baily went to PS audio’s Octave Records with an idea; that idea has since evolved into the Bach’s Suites series.

German composer Zuill Baily – cellist and Grammy Award-winner – thought it would be an excellent idea to create a new interpretation of Bach’s Cello Suites.

After a year of sitting at home and reflecting, accompanied by his beloved instrument, his approach to the Cello Suites changed. According to Baily, he began to play the pieces differently, more simply. A purifying experience, according to him, whereby, “The less I tried to ‘interpret’ the music, the better it sounded.

PS Audio Octave Records became interested.


How exactly Baily’s interpretation sounds can be heard on the new series of hi-res albums (choose from e.g. a SACD or a download) from Octave Records, part of PS Audio.

Eventually there will be six volumes, the first two are already available. The recordings are made in pure DSD, and you can choose from albums in classical stereo or five-channel surround. In short: if you want to hear Bach – and specifically his Cello Suites – in a different way: take advantage of this unique set and set aside some listening time for something special.

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