Roll-up television from LG now available in US


LG’s much talked about rollable television is now on sale in the US. With an absolutely astronomical price tag, by the way.

LG’s rollable television has been a popular item since 2019. But unfortunately, until now, it has only been seen in a concept version. That has changed, as the 65-inch device presented in that year, named Signature OLED R, can now be purchased in the US. But don’t run to the store just yet… the price you have to pay is $100,000. You get something special in return: a television that disappears completely into the rectangular base. So you will never again have to deal with an unsightly black surface in your living room.

Line View

And if you want to adapt the beam-shaped base to your interior, you can. You can choose from four colors for the wool speaker cloth. And if you wish, your name can be engraved on the base. Which, by the way, is also a Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar.

Nice detail is the ‘line view’, where the screen is only half rolled out. You can then bring a clock, photos and music playback data, among other things, into view of this LG.

Remains, of course, the question of longevity. It is a brand new technology and it often has a few teething problems. We think you should see it mainly as a pilot project. An eye-catcher for a trade fair, in a meeting room of a prestigious multinational or a very expensive private school. If the mechanism proves reliable, however, there is a good chance that much cheaper models will be available for the masses. In short: a possible revolution set in motion by LG.

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