Sagemcom with Dolby Atmos set-top box


Sagemcom has released a new set-top box, equipped with Dolby Atmos ‘provided’ by B&O. So take your cable TV to the next level.

The new Sagemcom Video Soundbox is a set-top box that is being released worldwide and should be available for purchase from your cable TV provider. Vodafone Spain is the first in Europe to offer the device to its customers. Special about the device are the built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos. That whole thing – including an active and passive sub – was designed by B&O.

Complete package

Furthermore, the Sagemcom Video Soundbox is an all-in-one with support for 4K video, the ability to stream music via Wifi, built-in voice assistants and more. The advantage of a device like this – obviously – is that you bypass your TV’s built-in mediocre speakers while avoiding the need to purchase a separate soundbar. The disadvantage, however, is that you can only use the device if it comes preconfigured by your cable provider. And that may mean some patience in our region.

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