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The Chord Company

The new The Chord Company GroundARAY family of grounding products is now available to get the most out of your favorite audio equipment, according to the manufacturer.

With the new GroundARAY family of grounding products, the ARAY noise-reduction technology developed by The Chord Company is now available to get the most out of your favorite audio equipment. GroundARAY is an advanced product that removes unwanted high-frequency noise from equipment through the unused connections to sound equipment. This route is ideal because of the low impedance of the connections and has an immediate positive effect on sound quality.

The GroundARAY is cylindrically shaped and made of precision CNC-machined aluminum, the aluminum is thick-walled so that no external HF can penetrate. Available in six different options including USB A, RCA and XLR for various digital and analog sound equipment. ‘GroundARAY benefits from 5 different HF noise systems, each taking care of its own range and each working simultaneously alongside each other to convert this unwanted HF noise into heat,’ the manufacturer explains.

Use of multiple GroundARAYs possible

The Chord Company continues:

‘The advanced technologies deliver an extremely low impedance and high broadband and therefore low-threshold route for noise to pass through, effectively pulling it out of the equipment. Each GroundARAY cylinder is filled with material that eliminates noise and absorbs acoustic vibration. The most effective way to take advantage of the effects of GroundARAY is to use it throughout the system. You can use a single or multiple GroundARAY cylinders per hi-fi component. More GroundARAYs lower the HF Noise even more. They can be used on DACs, network players etc. and also works perfectly on unused digital inputs from projectors or screens’.

According to Sales Director Doug Maxwell, “It is great to see this noise reducing product go into production after 4 years of development. This project was fascinating to us as a company and gives us the opportunity to further improve the sound quality in music lovers’ systems. This technology is a logical step following our TunedARAY and SuperARAY technology in our cables. You can benefit directly with GroundARAY with the equipment you already own and brings clear improvement to a wide range of equipment.”

GroundARAY development

For many years The Chord Company has been trying to develop technologies in-house to reduce LF and in particular HF noise:

‘Much benefit can be gained by choosing the correct shielding as used by Chord for many years in our current range of cables. In 2012 The Chord Company introduced a solution to reduce HF noise in the equipment itself. The in-house developed TunedARAY mechanical tuning system. We developed improvements and more advanced variations such as SuperARAY. However, the ARAY designs were always developed specifically for a particular cable.

In 2017, we launched a prototype of the next generation of ARAY. A version that was better able to address a wider frequency range with higher efficiency. This ARAY version was designed from the ground up, without the limitations of the initial cable design. The next generation of ARAY was designed to function without depending on a cable design, but rather work together to collectively reduce HF noise from the ground signal. We introduced this new product family as GroundARAY to work together with various types of A/V equipment and connectors such as: ‘RCA; DIN; BNC; RJ45; USB Type-A and XLR Male and Female’.

More information on the newcomer can be found at distributor Latham Audio and, of course, the manufacturer itself.

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