Apple creates (unintentionally…) silence at movies


Users of the Apple TV app have been complaining about an annoying bug since the beginning of July: movies are regularly being converted to silent movies.

Well, in these hectic times a silent movie (silent in the sense of no sound) can be quite therapeutic. Especially if you play a little piano or stream an appropriate track. But most people today prefer sound to accompany their viewing pleasure. And that’s exactly where it lacks during playback of some movies in Apple TV.

The problem occurs not only in Apple TV, but also in the Apple set-top box and external streaming devices such as the Chromecast with Google TV and Roku sticks. For some users it also goes wrong when they want to watch and listen to a stream of for example Amazon Prime and Netflix within the Apple TV app.


For now, the cause of the problem is unknown. In some cases it seems to help to buy and download a movie again – after a refund. But that trick of course does not work with streaming content. In short: Apple needs to go to the drawing board and fix a separate bug. After which you can enjoy image plus corresponding sound again, as it should be.

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