Apple bought Primephonic


Apple has bought the classical streaming service Primphonic and with that it is striking a big blow. Soon Apple Music will have a huge database of classical music and extensive data at its disposal.

Apple saw, came and bought. At least that’s once again the case with classical music streamer Primephonic with a solid Dutch touch. For what amount the acquisition of the classical streamer has been settled is unknown at the time of writing. But chances are pretty good that the founders of Primephonic can rest on their laurels for the rest of their lives, always nice.

Nice gesture to Primephonic users

Primephonic is going offline on September 7. Existing users will be offered six months of free Apple Music, in which you will find much more than just classical music. Nowadays, in lossless quality if desired. Because Primephonic’s database contains a huge mountain of additional data for the classical tracks, it can be said that Apple has struck a major blow here. No one else has so much data and for lovers of classical music, Apple Music will be the music streamer from now on.

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