Bang & Olufsen presents stereo coupling

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen introduces the stereo coupler for the BeoSound Balance, BeoSound Emerge and BeoSound Level.

With Bang & Olufsen’s new stereo coupler, you can now make two identical speakers act as a single set of speakers, Hegeman reports in its latest newsletter. In it we read: ‘This gives you an optimal sound experience, transporting you to a completely different dimension. The stereo coupler offers:

  • A multidimensional experience with a wide and deep soundstage
  • An easy and seamless installation
  • A wireless connection experience via the B&O app
  • A reliable connection thanks to intelligent band control
  • Exceptional quality just as the artist intended’

Go listen yourself

The company invites you to come and listen to the (possibilities of) the coupling in one of the stores. Choose from Bussum (Vlietlaan 4a) or Amstelveen (Amsterdamseweg 418-420). You can read exactly what stereo pairing means and makes possible here on the Bang & Olufsen website.

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