Canton Smart Soundbar 10 with AirPlay


The Canton Smart Soundbar 10 and the Smart Soundbox 3 will be delivered immediately with AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast on board.

Canton is moving with the times. The Smart Soundbar 10 and Smart Soundbox 3 are more connected than ever before. Smarter, too. Firstly, thanks to support for AirPlay, both speakers are easy to pair with Apple devices such as an iPhone or Mac. And not only that, because the same AirPlay 2 also makes setting up multiroom configurations a breeze.

Google Chromecast is the “competing” technology, which is also supported by the speakers. So in terms of connectivity, you can go either way.

HDMI with eARC

The Canton Smart Soundbar 10 is now also equipped with an HDMI connection with eARC. You can purchase the soundbar and (or) the Smart Soundbox 3 immediately, if desired directly from the Canton webshop. The soundbar will set you back €949 and the smart speaker costs €349.

Both devices are streaming-capable, have – as already mentioned – multiroom capabilities and are therefore easily expandable with other components from the series.

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