JBL L52: shrunken classic for the desk

JBL realized that there is quite a market for compact speakers for the (work) desk, in the bedroom or for small homes. The result is the JBL L52.

We’ve written this many times in recent years, but: retro is in. In one way or another people ‘long’ for nostalgic times. Think seventies and eighties of the last century, maybe it has something to do with reliving childhood.

Whatever the case, JBL has been responding enthusiastically to this trend for some time. Meanwhile, a new retro-looking speaker has seen the light of day: the JBL L52. They are “copied” from the larger speakers in the Classic Series, such as the L100. The characteristic of the Classic Series is the removable chequered front panel made of acoustic foam. Seventies all over the place, so to speak. Naturally, the JBL L52 is also equipped with modern stuff.


The JBL L52 is a two-way system, equipped with a 5.25-inch low-frequency driver and a 0.75-inch tweeter, as well as a waveguide and a forward-facing bass reflex port. According to the manufacturer, the whole system should sound – well… logically – very well.

A big advantage of the speakers is their compact size (330.2 mm x 196.6 mm x 216.2 mm), which makes them ideal for use as a set of computer speakers, for example.

Note that they are passive speakers, so you still need to provide an amplifier! The frequency range of the newbies is from 47 Hz to 24 kHz and the impedance is 4 Ohms.

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