JVC comes out with 8K laser projectors


You want to create the ultimate home cinema? Then you might receive JVC’s planned 8K laser projector with open arms. Look like you’re at the movies!

The lines between cinema and home cinema are increasingly blurred when it comes to image quality and resolution. JVC is working on an 8K laser projector that should become part of the brand’s high-end D-ILA series. This YouTube video by JVC will whet your appetite in the meantime.

Precise technical data is lacking for now, except for the mentioned resolution and that it is an HDR-capable copy. The video shows that the newcomer in terms of appearance is very similar to the JVC DLA-N5, so no surprises there.


In any case, it is an interesting development by JVC. It also makes you wonder about the future of “real” cinema. Now it’s still the high-end projectors with these kinds of resolutions and other things on board. But what if in 10 to 15 years this is all commonplace?

Of course: also on the cinema side, developments are going fast. But the differences are becoming smaller and smaller, with the added factor that a generation is now growing up that doesn’t ‘go out’ as naturally as we ‘old farts’ do.

You also see that streaming services offer cinema films as a stream very quickly after their release in the cinema, sometimes even simultaneously and in some cases earlier. In the end what matters is that there is money coming in for the film, less important is which platform generates that money. We will have to wait and see whether the old cinema can hold on to its customers or will have to invest more in unique experiences with extras (which is already slowly happening of course).

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