Mitchell & Brown affordable 4K TVs

Mitchell & Brown

The British Mitchell & Brown launched its flagship 4K TV. The relatively low price is striking, but whether it will be profitable outside the UK?

The new budget UHD18114KBL 4K TV from Mitchell & Brown is also the flagship model from the British TV manufacturer. You can choose from screen diagonals of 43 inches, 50 inches and 55 inches, with the smallest version going for £530. The most generously sized model will cost you £800. For a 4K smart TV, that can be called very affordable.

It is a very UK-oriented brand, though, with the local Freeview HD pre-installed, among other things. But Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube are not missing either. Should you want to, you can also use smart assistant Alexa.


In terms of sound, both of the larger models are equipped with a built-in subwoofer. In which Mitchell & Brown points out that they paid extra attention to the sound part because, according to them, it has become an underrated item in televisions.

Furthermore, a 7-year warranty on parts and labor is notable. Now, of course, there is still the little problem regarding Brexit. You used to be able to just buy British brands through a British webshop like the UK version of Amazon. No hassle at the time, but now it’s expensive regarding import duties and the like, unfortunately. And then budget is suddenly a lot less budget.

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