Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G

Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio introduces the seventh generation of its highly successful Silver Series speakers Silver Series 7G.

The eight Silver Series 7G models have been completely redesigned using the very latest Monitor Audio technologies and components. The result is according to the manufacturer, the result is ‘even faster’ and tighter bass, lower distortion and more detailed treble. Plus of course a matching exceptionally stylish and sleek appearance that fits into any interior’.

Dolby Atmos

There is a small (Silver 50) and a large (Silver 100) bookshelf speaker plus a small (( Silver 200 )), a medium-sized (( Silver 300) and a large (( Silver 500) floorstanding speakerspeaker

The ’50’and the ‘100’ are now specially designed for deep bass and also for placement close to a wall The Silver AMS is a new model for Dolby Atmos*media. The AMS fits perfectly on top of a “300” or can be hung on the wall. The Silver FX surround speaker takes care of the reproduction of the effect channels

The Silver C250 center speaker monitor Audio reports that it is the best (of the 6G C150 and C350) combined into one model. For the deepest bass remains the Silver (6G) W12 active subwoofer , which, according to the manufacturer, could not be improved….


The new 25 mm C-CAM** Gold Dome unit is now linked to the Uniform DispersionWaveguide*** and has a acoustically transparent cover plate with honeycomb openings. Monitor Audio reports that these together provide a broad and, above all, very uniform radiation pattern. The ‘waveguide’ of the Silver AMS is different from the rest because it was developed for the specific application.

The new RST II**** C-CAM loading units have a lighter cone with DCM***** technology.

The unique ‘pit structure’ of the cone has been further refined. They are almost 10% smaller (134 and 152 mm) compared to the 6G, while low-end reproduction and power handling have been significantly improved The units of then the ‘500’ have remained the same size (203 mm), but have also been greatly improved,” says Monitor Audio.

Newly designed crossover

The new RST II C-CAM center unit has become reduced in size (76 mm). The transition to the high unit may therefore be at a higher frequency. This increases the reproduction bandwidth and makes the reproduction even tighter, according to Monitor Audio. They further report:

The new crossover has been completely redesigned with as few components as possible to ensure the tightest possible acoustic reproduction’ This Silver Series also has the well-known Monitor Audio features such as ‘bolt through speakers’, 18 mm thick enclosure (prevents internal resonances), magnetic grille, connection panel with gold plated bi-wireconnectors, Pureflow silver OFC cable, HiVe®II bass-reflex port and heavy ‘spike‘ stand. Monitor Audio introduced the Silver Series speakers: ‘The Silver has become the most successful speaker series of all, mainly due to its particularly unique price/performance ratio’.


The Monitor Audio Silver Series 7G will be available from September in natural walnut, black oak, natural ash, white satin plus high gloss black The FX, AMS and W12 are available exclusively in satin white or high-gloss black.

The sales prices are (per pair)

  • Silver 7G 50 €810
  • Silver 7G 100 € 1060
  • Silver 7G 200 € 1625
  • Silver 7G 300 € 2045
  • Silver 7G 500 € 2430
  • Silver 7G FX € 845
  • Silver 7G AMS € 920

The following prices are per piece

  • Silver 7G C250 € 845
  • Silver (6G) W12 satin white € 1500
  • Silver (6G) W12 high gloss black € 1650.

* Dolby AtmosNo fixed (5.1 or 7.1) sound channels are required, but the sound of Dolby Atmos can be reproduced on the screen.1) sound channels are no longer required, but the sound of Dolby Atmos-media can be “directed” by the recording engineer to 128 positions above and around the listener. This gives an enveloping 3D effect to the sound. The AMS speaker radiates the sound through hceiling to create this effect. ** C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminum Magnesium) was originally developed for turbine blades of jet engines: a very light and very stiff material. *** UDW: The waveguide in front of the waveguide ensures a more uniform due to its special profile, the waveguide in front of the hay unit provides a more even and wider radiation pattern, improved time alignment and a lower changeover frequency for an even tighter transition to the low/medium unitcenter unit. **** Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II: The light alloy cone with a new specially developed ‘pitting’ pattern combines super-lightness with super-high rigidity. This latest generation has higher load capacity, ‘faster’ peak response and lower distortion. *****DCM: The geometry of the area where the cone overlaps the suspension has been redesigned. This eliminates the effect of the most disruptive 1e resonance is greatly suppressed. This provides a “faster” playback response and substantially (up to 12 dB) lower distortion.

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