Roberts RT100 and RT200 turntable


Roberts – primarily known as a radio brand – has released two turntables for the vinyl fan; the prices are reasonable.

Vinyl remains the medium of choice for a group of music lovers to listen to. For them, clicks and creaks only add to the atmosphere. As far as we are concerned, and there is more than enough choice of turntables in 2021. For manufacturers the following applies: what sells contributes to the income. In other words: you ask, we build.

And the Roberts RT100 is a turntable without a doubt. This is a semi-automatic string-driven player that can be set to 33 or 45 rpm. Thanks to the (switchable) preamplifier you can easily connect the RT100 to any amplifier or even a set of active speakers.

Direct drive

The Roberts RT200 takes it a step further and is direct drive. This is a direct drive system, which is very beneficial to the (maintenance-free) life of the record player. Once again you can choose between 33 or 45 rpm. As an extra, the RT200 is equipped with a carbon fiber tone arm, while again a switchable preamp is at the ready.

Special to both players is the built-in USB connection. This makes both of these Roberts devices ideally suited for anyone who is not necessarily an extreme vinyl fan, but still has (unique) material on LP or single and wants to digitize it. The RT100 costs €320 and the direct drive RT200 €460.

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