Sony PS5 in lighter version on the way?


Sony may (or in all likelihood will) be working on a new and remarkably lighter version of the PlayStation 5 Digital game console.
That we mention the Sony PlayStation 5 here is not surprising. Besides being a game console it is also a device with extensive streaming capabilities in terms of both image and sound on board. In this message from What Hifi we read that Sony is most likely working on a slightly modified and especially considerably lighter (1/3 less weight) PS5. How exactly this weight reduction will be realized is not yet clear. That the lightweight will be there is obvious; Japanese retailers are already advertising it.

Silicon shortages

Whether the PS5 in the new version will be widely available again and whether it will come to our regions at all? That is an increasingly important question because the chip shortages have far from been resolved. The Chinese state interventions in all kinds of tech companies lately do not help either.

Sony has already announced that it has exchanged the PS5’s WiFi module for another one because of the shortages. Whether that’s as solid a variant as the originally planned part? Let’s assume it is. But in the near future, compromises are undoubtedly going to be made. In fact, Apple has already issued a warning of a shortage of iPads and iPhones by the end of the year.

Now that China effectively has a kind of monopoly on chip manufacturing, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is going to lead to misery. You could even start thinking about an OPEC for chips, because the Chinese state will obviously benefit from higher prices. If only we had some reserves in our region. But that is the usual hindsight. What’s more, the consumer only wants to pay rock-bottom prices, and that’s what you get..

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