Spotify for less than a dollar a month?


Spotify is testing a very cheap subscription. For now, only in the US. For $0.99 a month you will get a lot of features, but with advertising.

Although part of the human race finds commercials deeply irritating, there is also a part that gladly accepts them. Provided there is something attractive in return, such as a “free” app. Or a substantial discount on something or other. It is this target group that Spotify now seems to want to focus on, with an experiment involving a Spotify subscription for $0.99 per month. That trial is currently underway for a select few in the US, we read in this article from The Verge.

It is, they say, a low budget subscription for anyone who doesn’t care about ads but also has little desire to pay the premium price for a Spotify subscription. This $0.99 subscription creates a kind of hybrid between the fully paid service and the free version with considerable limitations. Those restrictions will largely be removed. You can skip as many songs as you want after the advertising subscription ends, and listening can also be done per track of your choice.


The ‘price’ you pay with the ultra-cheap subscription is that you will hear advertising. Just like the free version. But if you are used to listening for free, then the extra freedoms you get – if you are lucky enough to be able to listen everywhere – via the budget subscription are very interesting.

Spotify’s catalog is gigantic, so you don’t have to worry about that. This subscription option could – if it actually becomes available worldwide – attract a lot of new customers all at once!

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