Spotify with ‘What’s New’ option


Spotify now gives a notification is something new is released by your favorite artist or podcaster, always convenient because this way you never miss anything!

The new feature in Spotify is called – how could it be otherwise – What’s New. A bell symbol at the top right of the screen indicates that there is something new to experience. Provided that bell has a blue dot.

We have not yet seen the option at the time of writing, by the way, but the whole thing is being rolled out by the music service in phases for both the Android and iOS apps.

Only artists you follow

Incidentally, how does this differ from the already existing ‘release radar’ in Spotify -which, after all, also allows you to discover new things? Release radar quickly gets a bit lost among your playlists, while What’s New has really been given a separate and clearly visible permanent place.

Release radar also ‘thinks’ along with listeners, and also presents music it thinks might be of interest to you. What’s New doesn’t do that, it only shows new releases by artists you are actually interested in (or: follow). No more ‘noise’ of all kinds of suggestions that you might not really be waiting for. Because sometimes there really is ‘junk’ suggested.

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