Van Medevoort Audio vM RA4 Resonance Absorber

Van Medevoort

It took five years, but now there is the improved vM RA4 Resonance Absorber, manufactured by the well-known, legendary Van Medevoort.

Every audio and video component generates internal vibrations through the action of motors, servos, alternating magnetic fields, coils and transformers. That’s nothing new, but you’d rather get rid of that kind of annoying side effects. Especially when you consider that parts of the housing also vibrate. Add to that sound vibrations of an external nature that also play a role, are added to the sound and provide coloration.

Van Medevoort Audio has – as we read in the press release – a lot of knowledge in the field of electronic and mechanical resonance reduction in CD players, converters and drives. From this expertise the vM RA4 Resonance Absorbers have been developed’.

Damping it!

Van Medevoort continues: ‘Placed under CD players, drives, DVD players, converters, amplifiers and other components, they attenuate the energy of resonances over a very wide bandwidth. This results in a fully linear damping for the audio range. This reduces the coloration of the sound, because resonances normally cause unnatural peaks in the frequency range, which can make the sound image, for example, sharper and louder.

Because resonances draw energy from the system, the dynamics can also decrease. With the vM RA4 Resonance Absorbers, the sound will become more musical, open, uncolored and dynamic. The improvement will always be audible, but obviously depends on the quality of the components used and the audio cabinet.

The secret of the resonance damping is in the thermoplastic polymer and in the aluminum matrix construction enclosed between the two aluminum discs of the damper’. The affordable van Medevoort RA4 Resonance Absorbers come in a set of four in a black finish. vM RA4; for such a set of 4 you pay only €80.

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