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More than 200 Hard Style DJs will perform non-stop live for 10 days during the world’s longest Hard Style DJ Marathon Livestream.

The clubs and festivals in the Netherlands were allowed to reopen after a period of 1.5 years, but this was only for a very short time, says Anthony Donner of DJ School Alphen: “The organizers of festivals and events and DJs have had a challenging time with the closure of the corona measures. To give the DJs a boost and to provide entertainment for the nightlife public, the titleholders (Anthony Donner and Amrish Raghosing) of the longest DJ marathon for the hard style (7 days of non-stop spinning) want to break their own world record with 10 days (240 hours in total) of non-stop live performances with more than 200 DJs, both from the Netherlands and abroad, coming to the studio in DJ School Alphen in Alphen aan de Rijn to participate.

10 days

The DJ School press release goes on: “The title holders are going to do it bigger, longer and more exuberantly! For 10 days they will continuously play hardstyle, hardcore, freestyle and everything that fits in the spectrum of the hard style of dance music. From the most euphoric quieter hardstyle tracks and hardstyle classics to the hardest raw hardstyle and fastest up-tempo hardcore pounding tracks. The goal is to make a difference together by bringing a large group of DJs together to form a unity and show that there is enough togetherness among the Hard Style DJs. With this initiative, the DJs and we not only show that Holland is the DJ country of the world and that the hard dance styles are immensely popular. Hardcore has been the biggest sub movement so far and originated in The Netherlands and the Dutch have made hardstyle big internationally’.

Biggest book

The initiators are Anthony Donner, former editor-in-chief of DJ Mag NL and Amrish Raghosing, who is a DJ himself under the name Dutch Hustlaz, and owner of DJ School Alphen. In addition, Anthony has published the largest DJ and dance book in the world: ‘Dutch DJs’ and he is working on the first book on hardstyle ‘This Is Hardstyle’. Together they will soon launch the first DJ award for Dutch DJs, the Dutch Priority Awards. Jelmer Smit (also a DJ student at DJ school Alphen) is partly responsible for the planning. In total there are 14 different hosts, from event organizers HardClassics (Free2Party) to True Survivorz (event in the fight against cancer) to Harder Kan Toch Niet and various music labels. ‘They will make this a groundbreaking spectacle with the help of Wouter Kikstra of Wout Events, he will be responsible for the camera registration and the production; there will be lasers, smoke machines, moving heads and confetti cannons present. The production will be filmed with a total of 10 cameras. This 10-day spectacle will be held in the most talked-about DJ School of the Netherlands; DJ School Alphen,” we read further in the press release concerning the record attempt.


When the corona crisis started, Anthony and Amrish were the first in the Netherlands to organize the biggest DJ-marathons 4 times, in which a total of 669 DJ’s participated: The longest DJ marathon of 10 days with 201 DJs in different genres, the longest Hard Style DJ marathon of 7 days with 203 DJs, the longest Female DJ marathon of 7 days with 137 DJ’anes (term for female DJs) and the Techno/Technohouse DJ marathon with 128 DJs. In doing so, they broke a total of 7 different world records. The DJs have played non-stop for 31 days (744 hours) in these 4 previous DJ marathons.

Starting signal

The starting signal of the 14-day DJ marathon will be discharged on Thursday, July 29 at 8:00 p.m., or tonight. DJ/Producer Frontliner will kick off the DJ marathon first, Adaro, B-Front, Digital Punk, Crypsis, The Pitcher, Geck-O and Jason Payne will take over after that with MC Da Syndrome behind the mic. The Hard Style DJ Marathon will end on August 8 at 8pm. The world’s longest Hard Style DJ marathon has a duration of 10 days, there will be more than 240 hours of music played continuously day and night 24/7 by DJs from the Netherlands and abroad. From the biggest DJs from the Hard Style scene to upcoming talent from young to old. The event will be recorded by film cameras so that interested parties from around the world can watch live online via and via Dutch TV on Ziggo channel 605; where the most popular DJs will be featured. The following DJs will be spinning at the Hard Style DJ Marathon: Frontliner, Ran-D, Adaro, B-Front, Villain, Digital Punk, Crypsis, The Pitcher, Da Syndrome, Dr. Rude, The Darkraver, Deepack, Freestyle Maniacs, Outsiders, Kronos, Sub Sonik, Akira and 230 other Hard Style DJs.

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