Alpha Audio Live – September 26, 2021 – UK vs NL!

It’s that time again! We’re going to be watching and listening to some great systems live for you again. But this time the brands will not be battling each other, but we will checking the producing countries! But of course, for your entertainment: your authors will turn it into a bit of a battle. To start off nicely, we will pit the Netherlands against the United Kingdom. Van Medevoort against Quad and Bowers & Wilkins. That promises to be a great episode!

All great hifi comes from the United Kingdom, right? The cradle of beautiful audio equipment. Well: The Netherlands have a very rich audio history too. And we are going to prove it by installing a complete Van Medevoort system and in addition a beautiful Quad system with a pair of brand new 804 D4s. Super Dutch versus Super British. Nice…

New mics and format

We thought it would be interesting for this season to put countries and themes side by side. This gives each episode an interesting twist and makes it not directly a battle, but more of an interesting comparison. It also provides fodder for discussion again which is also fun.

To extend the stream in terms of image and sound, we have invested in a few new lenses, a nice dolly, fresh monitors and a lovely flexible tripod. We will also be testing a few wireless microphones and a binaural set-up by DPA. We will record this stream also in binaural format, but we will not be able to send it out live…. yet.

Please set a reminder!

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