Audiophile Day is coming up again

Audiophile Day

On October 2 it is time for the sixth edition of Audiophile Day. Intended for everyone who is charmed by (the better) hifi and music.

Put a handful of audiophiles together and within a few seconds you have an animated conversation. About equipment of course, but certainly also about music. Because – as the organizers of Audiophile Day also recognize – the taste of audiophiles is rather ‘eclectic’. In general, the true hi-fi lover listens to all kinds of music, spread across just as many genres. An ‘open mind,’ so to speak.

Commercially interesting

Audiophile Day is intended to give music and audio lovers from all over the world their own day. Audiophiles are not only a special group of people, they also create jobs with their specific wishes and requirements. The high-end industry is flourishing and growing under – naturally – the motto ‘we build what you ask’.

At the same time, better hi-fi is more accessible than ever before in history; there is something for every budget. And that makes the ‘audiophile’, in all appearances and gradations, also commercially interesting.

More information about Audiophile Day can be found on the accompanying website. Enjoy this day created especially for you, we would say.

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