BC Acoustique EX-214 power amplifier

BC Acoustique

That an (integrated) amplifier does not have to cost you a fortune, proves the French BC Acoustique with the surprisingly affordable EX214.

Well, to get straight to the point: the price of the BC Acoustique EX-214. It is only €499. You could say that’s a ‘supermarket price’. And yet this is a neatly finished (integrated) amplifier with everything you could wish for on board, both on the inside and outside. The maximum available power of the device is 2 x 45 Watt RMS (into 8 Ohm) or 2 x 70 Watt RMS into 4 Ohm.

For enthusiasts, sound control is available, but this can be bypassed at the push of a button. Furthermore you will find a USB and coaxial digital input on it. An AK4112 takes care of the digital-to-analog conversion. If you are more into analog sound, then there is a phono input, among other things.


All in all, the BC Acoustique EX214 is a complete unit, whereby the built-in Bluetooth receiver also comes in handy now and then. To keep the amplifier up to date, updates can be made via a USB port. In the picture at the top – taken from the linked webpage – you can also see the neat-looking interior. Nice amplifier ‘on the side’ or if necessary as main amplifier for smaller homes.

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