EPOS introduces the IMPACT D series


EPOS announces the launch of the IMPACT D series: a range of lightweight, comfortable and wireless headsets.

The new IMPACT D series fromm EPOS consists of headsets that are made to communicate comfortably and in good quality. Optimized for Unified Communications (UC), the series features a streamlined functional design suitable for everyday use, the manufacturer reports, “Even in modern times, when customers are embracing increasingly diverse digital interactions, automation and self-service, the human voice remains the most trusted form of communication.

The IMPACT D Series is designed to meet the requirements of professionals in busy office and contact center environments, where clear audio, comfort and ease of use are absolute musts.’

Proprietary technologies

The IMPACT D series makes full use of unique technologies developed by EPOS: ‘such as EPOS VoiceTM, which is designed to create a rich, natural sound experience using the human voice. The IMPACT D Series helps business professionals communicate effectively throughout their workday by eliminating the frustrations and distractions caused by poor audio’.

A safe solution

The manufacturer on security: ‘In today’s digital world, businesses are more exposed than ever to online threats. Wireless networks offer many different use cases, but security is also key when choosing a wireless headset solution. The IMPACT D Series keeps data safe with a secure pairing – meaning the company’s security is never at risk.’

Streamlined functional design

In the announcement, we further read, ‘You’ll keep your desk tidy with a streamlined design that lends itself perfectly to hot-desking, even when employees need plug-and-play functionality at each workstation. With one base station that can be worn either monaurally or binaurally, a superior docking experience and single connectivity to the PC or phone, the IMPACT D Series makes high-quality DECT wireless headsets accessible to everyone.’

Wireless Freedom

According to EPOS, the IMPACT D-Series has a wide wireless range, giving users the freedom to walk around and talk ‘without compromising on perfect call clarity’. Theis Mørk, Vice President, Global Product Management at EPOS says, “The IMPACT D Series uses advanced technology to give professionals in busy work environments complete wireless freedom. With enhanced security features, powerful wireless range, superior audio and a natural listening experience, the IMPACT D Series is the best solution when calls matter.”

Product Availability:

The IMPACT D10 series is available immediately. Recommended retail prices: €239-269 (depending on model)

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