Fidelizer 8.8: a lot better sound from Windows


Fidelizer is intended to make the most of the sound quality of a Windows-based system, finally giving priority to quality!

It’s actually exactly what Fidelizer – now at version 8.8 – does: prioritize quality. Either – depending on the chosen user profile – unnecessary processes are stopped and the software with which sound is played, is given priority.

This should lead to an interference-free sound, where the playback software is not bothered by a range of not directly necessary Windows processes.

Down with disruptive processes!

Windows is not really ideal for real-time applications like completely interference-free sound playback. It is an operating system with extremely many processes running in the background. For example, don’t do anything with your mouse for a few minutes, and you’ll see loads of disk activity. The programmers of the OS, in their infinite wisdom, have figured out that if you don’t press a key or move the mouse for a minute or so, you are not sitting at the computer. And thus, all kinds of maintenance tasks can be started. Very annoying, because once they have started they do not always seem to stop quickly. In the worst case you may experience stutter, but often it is much more subtle.

Fidelizer can stop all those unwanted background processes, and give priority to the playback software you are using. It makes for a much better sound experience, its creators say. Version 8.8 includes support for the (beta) versions of Windows 11 and there is improved compatibility with Minority Clean.

There is both a free and a paid version available. Practical to know is that the processes that are unnecessary for audio are stopped per Windows session. If you want to use your system again “as normal”, a restart is sufficient. You can find Fidelizer here, ready to download!

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