Purifi presents Pure Sound amplifier module


Purifi presents the one-channel Class D power amplifier module Pure Sound…top of the line for OEM manufacturers who want to go the extra mile

The Purifi Pure Sound 1ET7040SA power amplifier module is a monoblock constructed as a class D circuit. Equipped with an analog input, the module achieves, according to the manufacturer, exceptionally low noise and negligibly small THD and IMD values. The output power is a maximum of 950 watts into 2 Ohms, 500 watts into 4 Ohms or 250 watts into 8 Ohms.

The output current is approximately 40 A (maximum) and the amplification factor is 13 dB. For the power supply you should choose a voltage between +/- 35 Volt and +/- 70 Volt DC. Despite the sturdy power and excellent specs, this is only a compact module with dimensions of 95 x 63 x 36 mm, making it easy to build into devices.


According to Purifi, the clipping behavior is ‘exceptionally clean’ and the response behaviour is load-independent. Furthermore – logically – various security measures have been taken into account. For example, there is current limitation, DC protection, thermal protection plus under- and overvoltage protection.

All this to protect both the amplifier module itself and the possibly valuable speakers that are going to hang on it from harm. Of course, for stereo playback you need a pair of the Pure Sound’s. The price of the modules is unknown at the time of writing. More information will no doubt appear soon on the manufacturer’s website.

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