Randy Thom keynote speaker Sound Summit

Sound Summit

Two-time Oscar winner Randy Thom serves as Sound Summit’s keynote speaker. The American sound designer will talk to you about the importance of sound in movie experiences.

The Sound Summit, which focuses on a day of applied sound, has announced that Randy Thom will be the keynote speaker on Wednesday, October 6. The world-renowned sound designer is a winner of two Oscars and known for his work on Harry Potter, The Revenant and Forrest Gump, among others. The Sound Summit is the newest program component of media event Dutch Media Week.

Wands of Harry

What sound does Harry Potter’s wand make after he casts a spell with it and how do you make the bear sound in The Revenant sound lifelike? How exciting would Star Wars movies like Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back have been without special sound effects?

Sound designer Randy Thom can tell you exactly, as he was responsible for the sound effects of all these films. At the Sound Summit, the all-day event where applied sound in all its forms takes center stage, he will talk about the importance of sound to the experience of a film and the role he believes sound design should have during film production.

Live connection

Because it is not possible to come to Hilversum due to corona, Randy Thom will be present via a live connection from America. The sound designer worked with directors such as Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, among others. He is responsible for the sound effects of many blockbusters and was nominated for an Oscar no less than fifteen times, of which he received two.

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