Samsung TVs to be blocked after theft


The South African branch of Samsung has introduced the possibility of remote blocking of TVs, ideal after theft.

Nothing is more frustrating than a dorky thief who is too lazy to actually work for his or her money. Especially if that thief is targeting your stuff and you, the victim, know that someone else is enjoying your expensively paid smartphone, TV, stereo or whatever.

Following in the footsteps of smartphones, Samsung offers – as yet only in South Africa – a nice feature that still provides some compensation in such a case. TV Block is a remotely activated feature that makes a stolen Samsung television completely unusable in one fell swoop. The option was devised after the riots in Durban, during which a great many items – including televisions – were stolen. So the riot gear will not be much fun with at least the ones from Samsung.

Not here yet

Whether and when the Samsung trick will be available in our region is unknown. However, the option does seem to be built into the brand’s TVs. As far as we’re concerned, these kinds of things can be built into all valuable things; it makes the average home a lot less interesting to the thieves’ guild. Source image above

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