Soundway Records presents Welcome To The Jungle

Soundway Records

Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited have released their new album Welcome To The Jungle with Soundway Records.

Soundway Records announces that Mount Liberation Unlimited’s new album Welcome To The Jungle contains a variety of “moods, tones, beats and grooves that cannot be summed up under the heading of a specific genre or type of music. The tracks seamlessly mix things like acid disco, thumping techno, rock, dub, acoustic instruments and more.

Welcome To The Jungle was written at a time when clubs and festivals were impossible due to lockdowns. The result is a change in sound and broadening of musical horizons, “filtered through an introspective lens that has led to a more psychedelic journey.


Mount Liberation Unlimited: ‘The album is firmly rooted in a sense of liminality. And to save you a run to the nearest dictionary, liminality is a transitional form, or standing on the threshold of a transition. The duo consisting of Tom and Niklas continues:

‘The album’s music is captured in the liminal space between beach parties and global isolation. A feeling of your physical body being in one place, while your mind is still on dance floors on the other side of the now inaccessible world. The new Soundway Records album Welcome To The Jungle will be available starting October 15. Initially digital, vinyl will follow soon thereafter.

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