TCL launches 2021 premium 8K Mini LED TVs


TCL Electronics (1070.HK) announced its latest X Series Mini LED TVs: the X92 Series Pro OD Zero Mini LED 8K TV and the X92 Series Mini LED 8K TV. This was done during the global launch event themed “Transcend Vision.”

In addition to the latest TLC X Series Mini LED TVs X92 Series Pro OD Zero Mini LED 8K TV and the X92 Series Mini LED 8K TV, the 2021-2022 EISA Premium LCD TV Award winner the Mini LED 4K TV 65C825 was also presented. The X92 Pro Series will be available in 85-inch format and the X92 Series in 65 and 75-inch. They will be introduced in Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia in the very near future. If you would like to watch the launch event, you can do so here.

Leader in Mini LED TVs

“TCL is proud to realize our ambition to be a true leader in Mini LED TVs. The incredible performance of the X Series TVs is due to TCL’s Mini LED technology and both the X92 Pro Series and X92 Series are well positioned to lead the premium LED TV market,” said Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics.

‘Matchless picture and sound quality’

According to the manufacturer, the X Series Mini LED technology offers viewers “an unparalleled viewing experience with smaller and more LEDs that produce more contrast-regulating zones. This provides more detail, brilliant brightness and a wider High Dynamic Range.

The X92 Pro Series’ OD Zero Mini LED is 700 times smaller (compared to TCL X915 8K QLED TV) than conventional LEDs, allowing for unimaginable compactness, enabling a stunning ultra-thin profile on top of an exceptional viewing experience. Certified by the 8K Association, the X Series guarantees a true 8K experience. In addition, the series offers 8K resolution and 8K upscaling for access to more content with the best picture clarity thanks to the 8k 120Hz panel’.

Color and sound feast

The manufacturer continues:

‘With TCL QLED, the X Series delivers color reproduction to over 100% and offers over one billion colors. All images are reproduced with extraordinary 3D-like depth, fully immersing the viewer in every scene and moment. For an immersive, top-notch audio experience, the X92 Pro series features awe-inspiring 5.1.2-channel audio with 25 speakers and 160 watts of audio output that creates a true sound dome, while the X92 series has 2.1-channel and 60 watts of output, which together provide stunning and powerful sound reproduction.

Both the X92 Pro and X92 Series feature an industry-leading sound system, with hardware from Onkyo and sound technology including Dolby Atmos. They put users right in the middle of the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that fluidly fills the room and surrounds.

Slim industrial design

The slim, ultra-thin profile of the X92 Pro Series is – we read in the press release regarding the announcement of the new devices – “due to TCL OD Zero Mini LED technology, and the brushed anodized aluminum housing ensures that it blends seamlessly into any environment. This high-end look and feel are made possible by TCL’s futuristic and all-encompassing design approaches, such as mechanical slice and the leather-wrapped speakers, and extremely thin, lightweight durable materials that enhance the product’s appearance. The X92 Pro Series also features a reflective acoustic design, reflecting sound from the side speakers directly to the audience, providing a superior audio experience’.

For gamers

The X Series includes TCL’s Game Master Pro for what the manufacturer says is “the next generation of gamers. The Game Master Pro package features HDMI 2.1, Wifi 6 for smooth images even in fast-moving game scenes, with low input lag. The combination of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC delivers the best possible images and audio for gaming, TV shows and movies. With 120 Hz, a dynamic compensation for a high refresh rate, the X Series reduces color drift, blur and choppiness, making driving your virtual race car smooth when playing racing games’.

Google TV

Conveniently, both the X92 Pro and X92 series come with Google TV, which brings together movies, shows and more from all your apps and subscriptions for easy browsing, all in one place. Users can thus discover new things to watch with recommendations from their favorite apps.

Smart features

With Magic Camera merging the TV and social experience, the X Series offers unlimited connectivity options, says the manufacturer: ‘Both the X92 Pro and X92 series have Google Duo pre-installed, making it easier to make instant video calls with family and friends. They are also pre-programmed with a series of gesture instructions, allowing users to interact with the TV by moving their hands instead of using the remote or voice commands.’

* Product appearance, functionality and availability may vary by country/region. * Google Assistant is available in certain languages, countries/regions. * Google TV is the name of the software experience of this device and a trademark of Google LLC. Google, Google Duo and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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