TRPTK announces CD release In Motu


Take a new musical journey with the nine-member Intercontinental Ensemble, through the new CD In Moto, released by label TRPTK.

The nine-member Intercontinental Ensemble consists of four strings and five winds. Their young members come from different countries and continents: Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Besides playing original nonet repertoire, the musicians focus on their own arrangements of well-known classical pieces. In Motu will be available from September 3.

Debut album in 2018

In 2018 they released their debut album ‘Traveling Light’ on the enterprising label TRPTK, with arrangements of Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms. The production was met with more than enthusiastic response. “I already wrote about the sublime artistic level, because that’s what the Intercontinental Ensemble (….) has to offer. Of course, symphony orchestras play this music with the proverbial two fingers in their noses, but reduced to this pure form of chamber music, the cards are definitely different: every individual nuance, every accent counts, just as phrasing and dynamics require extreme precision in order to achieve what is ultimately at stake in this case: extreme artistically designed transparency.” (Aart van der Wal in Opus Klassiek)

In motion

Now there is a strong follow-up with iconic nonets by Rota and and Martinu and an arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Italian symphony under the motto ‘In Motu’ (in motion). “We rehearsed vigorously during the quiet period of the Corona pandemic and wanted to bring something optimistic. Hence the choice of this cheerful repertoire. Moreover, we thought now was the time to put some contemporary nonets on the repertoire,” says artistic director and violinist Ernst Spyckerelle.

Rota, Martinu and Meldessohn

The album starts with the evocative music of Rota, known primarily as a film composer. What is special is that this time he does not have to bend to a director and can go his artistic way unhindered. Martinu’s nonet is a musical love letter to his native Czech Republic, which he had to leave at a young age and to which he can no longer return. Mendelssohn’s famous Fourth Symphony is, as is well known, a nostalgic account of his Italian journey.

Another album in the pipeline

In Motu’ is a special album that will be released in the fall, with repertoire of female artists through the ages: illustrious names such as Louise Farrenc and Clara Schumann and attention for the new generation: Bianca Bongers, Sarah Neutkens and Aregnaz Martirosyan. Few ensembles make such a varied and surprising musical journey as the ever-moving Intercontinental Ensemble.

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