Alpha Audio will be livestreaming from Dutch Audio Event

On October 30 and 31 it is finally time again: a nice hi-fi show in the Netherlands. Formerly known as the Xfi show, the Dutch Audio Event will be held in the Koningshof in Veldhoven. And Alpha Audio will be livestreaming there!

So the Dutch Audio Event is on October 30 and 31, 2021. That’s the last weekend of that month. Alpha Audio always holds its live stream Events on the last Sunday of the month. Now that would coincide which of course is not convenient for both Alpha Audio and the Dutch Audio Event as well as you: the potential visitor and viewer.

But we can also take advantage of this: why not hold a Live Stream Event at the Dutch Audio Event? And that’s what we discussed with the organizing parties – X-Fi and And fortunately they were just as enthusiastic as we were!

The plan

The idea is that we will hold the live test / live event at the show itself. Of course we can then have an audience and listen to the systems with that audience, which can make it very cozy and interactive. Furthermore, we are looking at the possibility of streaming live interviews / talkshows and of course making time to answer your questions.

In short: we are going to make something beautiful in the weekend of October 30 and 31. We hope to see you there and otherwise in the live streams.

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