Apple hires former HomePod developer


Apple has rehired former audio engineer Afrooz Family, reportedly to improve the HomePod’s software. It seems like a good sign for HomePod owners, the renewed “adding to the Apple pack” of Afrooz Family. A former Apple audio technician, Family previously worked at the company for 6.5 years, then stepped down to co-found startup Syng with someone else. Family’s return to Apple indicates that there still seems to be music in the HomePod. Although the original large (and rather expensive) ‘primal version’ has now been written off by the manufacturer, the HomePod Mini is not doing very badly.

Better software

And so – as we read here at Bloomberg – Apple still sees life in ‘project HomePod’. Family should provide improved software for the smart speaker. Most likely to ensure a stronger competition with its smart counterparts of Google and Amazon. In short: if you own a HomePod (Mini), there is a good chance it’ll not only continue to work for a the time being, but getting better too. Furthermore, there are some rumors regarding new variants on the way, including a device that consists of a combination of an Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime camera. The future looks interesting!

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