Apple HomePod Mini, choose your color


There is indeed still life in the Apple HomePod Mini. You can now choose from a variety of colors, which creates a cheerful note.

Black and white is are outdated, color is all the rage. Not an ad from the 1970s, but it’s appropriate to say about the new Apple HomePod Mini. Now available in a range of colors, so there is something for everyone to choose. The only problem is, the speaker is still not available in the Netherlands and some other regions in the world This is not a major issue, because HomePod Mini is available at our eastern neighbors for example. Traditionally in the UK too, but ordering there has its (costly) issues for EU citizens after Brexit, something to keep in mind.


The HomePod Mini is an affordable smart speaker; on sale for just €99. Streaming in 360-degrees around-sound via Apple’s own assistant Siri is no problem. Or control your smart home with it, anything is possible. In case you purchase another HomePod, both can be paired as a stereo setup. Thanks to Apple AirPlay 2, multiroom is a no brainer too.

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