Audionet GAUSS, is there a profit to be made here?


The Audionet GAUSS – nevertheless mainly resembling an ornament for the Christmas tree – claims to provide “paramagnetic” sound enhancement.
Sometimes in the high-end world you come across devices and tools of questionable quality. Take for example the new GAUSS from Audionet. The idea of these ‘Christmas bells’ is that you run a cable over them. And that in turn should lead to better sound quality. The accessory is made of the same material as where airplane turbines are made. And produced by the same factory. For this purpose, among others, a half million Euro metal 3D laser printer is used.


The operation of a ‘cable raiser’ like this is primarily based on the permeability that is created by various materials with which a cable comes into contact. The point here is, of course, that a cable is generally insulated and you can therefore doubt the ‘profit’ achieved by lifting a cable. Moreover, even if you could prove it technically, the differences between a lying and hanging cable are so microscopic that you really have to believe it to hear it. And whether that is worth the price of €1250 for a set of four stands you must decide for yourself.

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