Bose presents SoundLink Flex portable speaker


Thanks to IP67, the new Bose SoundLink Flex portable speaker is water resistent and can handle basically all weather conditions.

If, despite Covid, you decided to go for some nice winter holidays this season, it might be an idea to pack the Bose SoundLink Flex portable speaker too. It’s not only waterproof (it even floats, making it a perfect companion for water sports), but is rather ruggedized too thanks to its ultra-strong and UV-resistant housing. Cold or heat are no problem either, according to Bose. So even in the snow, Flex will feel at home. However, as always we don’t recommend using any electronic device – especially if equipped with a battery – for prolonged periods of time in temperatures far below zero.


The Bose SoundLink Flex can store up to eight paired Bluetooth devices, so there’s no need to re-pair each time you change source devices. Thankfully, for once Bose didn’t include a voice assistant. If you desperately need one though, you can always use such a service by sharing it from a smartphone, for example. A fully charged battery brings 12 hours playing time according to the manufacturer. It is also possible to create a stereo setup together with another SoundLink Flex by pairing both speakers.

Don’t worry about the price tag on the Flex, take it home for only $149.99. If you are willing to travel to the US that is, because for the moment it’s only available there. Other regions might follow later.

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