Cabasse celebrates 70 years with Pearl Pelegrina


France’s Cabasse is celebrating its 70th anniversary, and that’s reason enough for a ‘celebration-model’. One of the expressions of happiness is the new Pearl Pelegrina speaker.

The Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina immediately stands out because of its special design: spheres on twisted stands. By the way, the name Pelegrina comes from a rare 55-carat pearl found almost a century ago. The nickname of that thing was ‘The Incomparible’, with which Cabasse obviously wants to make a statement.

As drivers, you’ll find the same examplars used in the La Sphere and Baltic V in the spheres, where a 3-in-1 whole has been realized for mid-bass, mid and high. The sphere itself has a diameter of only 42 centimeters; full use is made of 20 years of DSP experience of the manufacturer.

Also provided is CRCS or automatic room correction, which uses a microphone built into the speaker. In total, four separate amplifiers – including one for the 30 cm woofer – deliver up to 1850 Watts RMS.

Black or white

The ornately designed stand on which the spheres rest is – if you like this kind of thing, of course – an enrichment for a living room.

The Cabasse Pearl Pelegrina is available in glossy white or equally glossy black, and a pair will cost you €25,000. Available from this month, at least in France.

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